Integration.01 // performance, 2008

Integration.01 is the first instance of the Integration series, performed at the Seeder electronic arts event at De Fabriek (Rotterdam, NL) in december 2008.

Integration //

Integration sits somewhere in between audiovisual installation art and performance, tending more to one or the other from one instance to the other.

It's a live act combining music and visual media in a spatial setting. The setup's spatial arrangement makes maximal use of the performance environment, extending the integration into the venue.

The visual component is no traditional VJ projection but rather consists of a multi-layered system of graphic and lighting components, spatially arranged on stage or in/around the performance space, depending on the venue. The act is as much a performance as it is an installation.

This first try-out is setup on-stage, audio performed in stereo and the visual elements consisting of 2 layers arranged in an array of vertical linear lighting components: RGB-colored LED and white halogen spot bars.

Integration.01 is a sequencer based audiovisual performance. The integration of the visual and audio components stems from the combined sequencing source. Both components are triggered and manipulated from the same sources in realtime, maximally complementing each other. There is no distinction in importance between both. They take equal positions.

Sequencing sources are a Machinedrum and Monomachine triggering the audio and visual elements. Monome and Kaoss Pad 3 thrown in for hands-on manipulation fun.