Integration.04 // performance, 2012

A realtime sculpture in spatial light and sound.

Integration.04 is a live performance by Dieter Vandoren. His instrument projects light and sound structures in fog-filled space, immersing both him and the audience in it. He manipulates the ephemeral audiovisual shapes as if they were tangible materials, taking cues from the interaction between the human body and acoustical instruments. The abstract digital processes are thus projected into physical, experiential space and the emergent play becomes a strong embodied experience - for both performer and audience.

Future //

10-12.07.14 // Performance at Metabody International Forum 4, Madrid ES

Past //

21-22.09.12 TodaysArt festival, The Hague NL

10.04.12 STEIM Concept Stage #3, Amsterdam NL

23.08.12 (Im)possible Worlds by FIBER, NIMk, Amsterdam NL

10-17.11.12 GLOW festival, Eindhoven NL

13.04.13 Centras, Kaunas LT

05.04.13 Electrochoc Festival, Bourgoin-Jallieu FR

28.04.12 Blue in the Face by Bl!ndman, CC St.-Niklaas B

18.03.13 ThisHappened #5, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam NL

26-28.10.12 Oddstream festival, Nijmegen NL

11.10.12 Hyperbody book launch event, protoSPACE lab, TU Delft NL

29.05.12 Wonderwerp, Studio LOOS, The Hague NL

11-12.05.12 Clash of Context, Hoop, The Hague NL

18-20.05.12 Open Dans, Mini Mall, Rotterdam NL

30.06-07.07.12 KABK Graduation Exhibition, Den Haag NL

Pictures //