News // Integration.03 is nominated for the STRP Talent Pit Award 2011

Integration.03 // performance, 2011

Integration.03 is a body & motion controlled audiovisual live performance. The performer plays dynamic light and sound structures with the body as control interface. 'Structures' is to be taken quite literally: the performer and audience are immersed in voluminous 3D light projections, giving an almost tangible quality to the ephemeral audiovisual media. The piece is an improvisation solo.

The visual effect is achieved by a circle of 3 beamers projecting into haze filled space. The haze cloud makes the light beams visible, thus creating dynamic shapes and structures in a pseudo-holographic fashion.

The audiovisual system is based on particle systems rendered visible and audible in the performance space. The elements are in constant motion while the performer steers, molds and shapes the cloud by body motion and gestures. The aim is to make performing the virtual instrument as spatial and tangible as possible.

Premiere at Open Dans festival, Rotterdam NL, on the 24th of june 2011.

Background //

Integration.03 is the 3rd iteration of Dieter Vandoren's Integration project series in which dynamic space is played as an interactive performance instrument. The performance environment is a dynamic architecture of light, sound and matter. The dimensions of the body, space, light and sound superimpose into an abstracted model of logical and mathematical relations. The resulting media architecture is the performer's expressive medium: a spatial hyperinstrument.

References //

David Rokeby, Very Nervous System
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Iannis Xenakis, Polytopes, granular synthesis